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Our trained staff can help you devise a plan to help you reach your goal of putting on or loosing weight.

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Our highly trained and experienced staff can offer you personal training on a 1 to 1 basis.

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Stones gym has heritage, experience and is fully equipped for you to sculpt your perfect body.

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Affordable membership - join for only £25 per month for a limited time only with

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Fourms and discussion
Discuss diet and training tips with members
Sign up to our forum and discuss diet and training tips with our members. Give your feedback on the gym, or just come and have a look at what people are saying, if you are thinking of joining.
Multipower Supplements
Multipower protein, creatine and meal replacements
You can find a wide variety of nutritional and food supplements avialable to purchase at stones gym. From whey protein to Amino acids and Meal replacements, Multipower has it all here at stones.